Cromarty Bridge

A short poem by Alyson


Making out of town on the ancient lie
of a General Wade road

Looking down towards the pale blue ribbon
that is the shallow firth

Muted, mauve, autumnal willowherb
fringes the grey macadam

A curved causeway, chain-like in the distance,
appears to guide me home

Setting the Scene

A selection of images

  • The now derelict Black Isle croft which was home to Jane Duncan’s father and grandparents
  • Her headstone in the graveyard at Kirkmichael
  • The view from her own house in Jemimaville overlooking Udale Bay

And, a map of the Black Isle in the Scottish Highlands, bordered on the north side by the Cromarty Firth. You should just make out Jemimaville, marked to the right of centre.